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Quality Control
Appraiser Independence Guidelines

Appraisal Management Services

Are you concerned about...

  • State, Federal and Internal Compliance Audits?
  • Segregation of duties relative to appraisal ordering and appraisal review?
  • Appraisal Independence Guidelines?
  • Quality Control?

Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging The Jordan Real Estate Group for your appraisal compliance and fulfillment needs. As your "arms-length" appraisal partner, we can not only help you stay compliant with increasing strict appraiser independence regulations, but also reduce production costs, increase efficiency, improve appraisal quality and reduce risk.

Combining an excellent industry reputation, experienced and knowledgeable staff, state of the art technology, and over 35 years of experience The Jordan Real Estate Group is your appraisal management solution!

Appraiser Panel Management

The Jordan Real Estate Group will manage your approved appraiser network, utilize our experienced appraiser panel, or combine both to maximize coverage. All appraisals are assigned on a blind rotation. Monthly reporting is provided on each appraiser for report quality and appraisal turn time/delivery.

Appraiser Independence

The Jordan Real Estate Group is considered a qualified third party intermediary. We separate loan origination from the appraiser. Each appraisal includes an Appraiser Independence Certificate which verifies that the appraisal has met or exceeded Appraiser Independence Guidelines.

License and E&O Expirations

Our technology tracks all expiration dates for appraiser licenses and Errors and Omissions policies. Appraisers cannot be assigned an order without current credentials.

Quality Control

The Jordan Real Estate Group provides an independent review outside your loan department. Every report goes through an initial automated review program and then a licensed real estate appraiser reviews every appraisal for sound appraisal logic and compliance with FNMA, USPAP, UAD guidelines as well as FHA guidelines if applicable.


Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of 24/7 on-line appraisal ordering and tracking through our secure website. We also accept orders daily through Encompass, Appraisal Port, RealEC and Mercury Network.

How can our Appraisal Management Services benefit your organization? For further information please contact Jim Jordan, IFA – 800-432-0052 ext 108 or jim@thejordangroup.net.