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Jordan Real Estate Group - Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about The Jordan Real Estate Group and Quality Title & Abstract Agency. Simply click on a question to view the answer. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

The Jordan Real Estate Group and Quality Title & Abstract Agency combine to form a family-owned and operated organization, celebrating over 35 years in the real estate services business.

The Jordan Real Estate Group can service all of your appraisal management, residential real estate appraisal, commercial title insurance, residential title insurance, industrial title insurance, real estate closing and paralegal needs. We provide a full line of real estate appraisal services to the mortgage lending and legal community. To see the areas we cover in each state, please view our Appraisal Coverage Areas Map.

Our title insurance & closing company, Quality Title & Abstract Agency, provides a full line of commercial, residential and industrial title insurance and closing services. To see the areas we cover in each state, please view our Title Insurance and Closing Services Coverage Area Map.

Quality Title & Abstract Agency is the title insurance and closing company of The Jordan Real Estate Group.

Quality Title & Abstract Agency provides residential, commercial and industrial title insurance, property reports, closing services and paralegal services in the eastern United States (view our title insurance and closing services). To see the areas we cover in each state, please view our Title Insurance and Closing Services Coverage Areas Map.

The Jordan Real Estate Group and Quality Title & Abstract Agency provide real estate appraisal and title insurance services in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington D.C. View our Coverage Map to see the full list of counties we cover.

With The Jordan Real Estate Group you can work with one company, one management team and one on-line tracking system for all of your appraisal, title and closing needs.

Our custom order tracking system, Web Trax, provides you with constant updating of your title and appraisal files. As we enter production notes, they become immediately available to you. In addition, e-mail confirmations are sent when the order is received, the binder is transmitted, the appraisal is completed, the file is deemed “Clear to Close”, the file successfully closes and when the file is disbursed.

When you place your appraisal, title or closing order through Web Trax, the custom order and tracking program of The Jordan Real Estate Group, the entire signed closing package is permanently maintained on our secure servers. Any day, any time, you can pull up the Note, the HUD and even the signed TIL and application. You will have the necessary information at your fingertips to provide your customers with the logical next step to make the most of the equity in their home.

We race to the finish line and get your file “Clear to Close” within 5 business days from order inception. Our competition tells you how fast they can complete a binder. We are past that. We aim to close every loan in 5 business days. In most cases we can close even more quickly. We update you with a phone call and e-mail confirmation that the file is ready to CLOSE.

We go to your borrower! We understand the value of your borrowers’ time. We are available day and night 7 days a week to meet your borrowers at a convenient place and time to close the mortgage loan. The borrowers do not need to take time off from work and can close in the comfort of their own home. View all of our title and closing services.

Our appraisal & title company is open 24 hours per day. You do not work a 9-5 job and your vendors should not either. Access all information and documents for all of your files 24/7 via Web Trax, our order tracking system.

State of the art technology coupled with superior market knowledge, experience, and our "Customer First" service enables us to provide our clients fast, accurate appraisals.

Yes. We act as a central clearinghouse for the parties involved-collecting necessary documents, insuring adherence to the lender's title instructions, making arrangements for proper payment and distribution of funds. We are fully prepared to the transaction all the way through to the disbursement of funds and proper recording of documents.

Quality Title & Abstract Agency makes Attorney Para-Legal Services available to our attorney clients. After contract review we process the file and prepare it for the attorney to take to the closing table. We order payoffs, clear judgments/liens, obtain the homeowners’ insurance endorsement, prepare the HUD and record all documents once the loan funds. Attorney Para-Legal Services are also available for refinance transactions.

Please contact Karen Thoms (800)432-0052 or karen@thejordangroup.net for more information on our Attorney Closing Services.

Problem closings always seem to occur on Friday night at 8:00pm when you are relaxing at home. Your cell phone rings. You are on the spot. Of course, you don't have the file in front of you, but you need to make critical decisions to get the loan closed. With your confidential user name and password you are able to access our tracking system from any computer. Go on-line, look up the file and open the HUD-1 to review what your borrower is seeing. Make the necessary adjustments immediately. No need to re-close and reprocess the loan when you get back in the office on Monday.

We not only service our clients beyond their expectations; we also provide education. Does your staff know how to communicate with an appraiser, read an appraisal report, read a binder, explain a HUD-1 to a borrower, or understand the closing process? The Jordan Real Estate Group offers its valued customers FREE education. Your office or ours. Contact Karen Thoms at (800)432-0052 or karen@thejordangroup.net.

Are you still receiving post closing documents in the mail? Do you still have large paper files in your office or storage unit? Quality Title & Abstract Agency scans your post closing documents and makes them available to you on-line. No need to go through old boxes in search of a missing file. Easily log in to Web Trax, our custom tracking system, with your secure user name and password. Enter your borrower’s name and you will have access to the completed appraisal, HUD-1, executed closing package, final title policy and all other loan related documents.

View our full line of residential appraisal services. We also have an extensive list of residential appraisal frequently asked quesions.

There are several ways to place an order with The Jordan Real Estate Group. Place your order using the method that is the most convenient for you. However you choose to place an order with us, you will have access to our online order tracking system to track your order. You can submit your order through our Web Trax online order entry system or you can also submit your order online using our Online Order Submission Form. If you prefer, you may also fax or e-mail your order form, a 1003 or our Order Form (PDF). More detailed instructions for each of these methods can be found on our Order Information page.

View our full line of title insurance and closing services. We also have an extensive list of title insurance and closing frequently asked questions.

You are one step away from dealing with professionals in the field of real estate appraisals, title insurance and closings. Call toll free at (800)432-0052, fill out our Contact Form or send us an e-mail at info@thejordangroup.net.