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Thank you to our loyal customers
for their kind words!

Customer Testimonials

"I would like to take this time to thank each one of you for everything you did for me. I thought that owning a home on my own would never be a possibility, but all of you made it happen. I am eternally grateful. Your patience and professionalism left me feeling extremely empowered throughout this entire experience. Thank you so very much."

- DP, Homeowner

"I love working with your office and I hope the market is finally picking up so I can send you many more title orders in the future!!"

- MD, Mortgage Banker

"It has been a pleasure working with your company. Let's do more."

- GS, First Choice Loan Services, Inc.

"We appreciate the professional performance of The Jordan group and I look forward to continue doing business with you guys. As I have always said, The Jordan Group is the BEST bunch of people in the appraisal and title business. Again, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!"

- MJ, Mortgage Broker

"Your company is wonderful and one of the best I had the privilege of working with. Thanks for all your help over the years."

- SC, Fulton Mortgage Company

"The log in and password to your tracking system is excellent. It will allow me to keep track of my files without a phone call. I look forward to continuing this great relationship!"

- ND, Residential Home Funding

"It takes a team, and you were great to work with. Always available and very responsive. We really appreciate that."

- SP, Chase Home Lending

"I would like to recognize the superior customer service and support of Kimberly Vella. She has consistently surpassed our expectations and continues to be very reliable."

- JR, VP Lending Financial Resources FCU

"Last week I paid my first mortgage payment on my new refinanced mortgage and so this is a LONG overdue thank you to the entire team at Financial Resources and at Quality Title for all that all of you did to make my refinancing process VERY easy. It went very smoothly. Thank you."

- HA, Homeowner

"You guys are super customer focused and quality driven. It is such a pleasure to work with your team."

- YW, MLD Mortgage